Apr 27 2017

2 Statutory Credit Report – Experian UK #bad #credit #credit #card

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£2 Statutory Credit Report

Your statutory credit report details your credit history. It contains public and private information recorded in your name and is available to authorised lenders carrying out a credit check through Experian. Credit reports are used by lenders to help them in making decisions about whether to give you credit or not.

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, Experian are permitted to charge a non-refundable fee of £2 each time you request access to your statutory credit report. The table below outlines the differences between CreditExpert from Experian and the statutory credit report – it may help you decide which Experian product is most suitable for you.

*A Monthly fee of £14.99 applies after your free trial. You may cancel during your 30 day free trial without charge.

Ordering your statutory credit report

You can apply for your statutory credit report either online or by post. When completing your application form, you will need to supply all your previous addresses from the past 6 years. Please ensure you have your full address details, including postcodes, when applying.

Written by CREDIT