Mar 25 2020

Credit one bank hours #Credit #one #bank #hours

Credit one bank hours

Credit One Bank

585 Pilot Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89119

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Mon – Sun: Open 24 Hours

Primary Phone: (702) 897-1407

Phone: (702) 269-1000

Payment method mastercard, visa Location Hughes Airport Ctr AKA

Credit One Bank Corporate Office

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Reviews are bad but I can say I have not had any problems with them. Customer service was great when I had an online access issue. Communication is consistent – alerts all signed up for and I regularly receive emails and texts as I requested. Would recommend.

Stay away from this bank!
The customer service is AWFUL!
The representative gave her name as Vin
She said she was in the Phillipines.
Exchanging highly important info.
She would not give me any physical address for the bank; only PO Box #
Their website is useless .
I begged to cancel my credit card and paid the $42.38 I owed just to get away from this outfit.
Good riddance PK

I’ve had Credit One for 2 years, I love this card. I had never owned a credit card before and I was looking to rebuild my credit. They started me out with a $300 credit limit and I’m now at $800. I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking to build credit or rebuild their credit. I have given recommendations to several people already and they are happy as well.

Absolutely terrible never got a bill for my yearly fee through the mail or email check my credit score noticed that I owed 65 bucks they were nice enough to weigh the late fee in and cut the fee and half I went ahead and cancelled the card I never used it so I cancelled the card and thought about it and said you know what I’ll go ahead and give him a chance I requested to reopen the account they reopen the account and after I paid half the first fee they turn around and charge me another $39 fee yearly fee after opening the account so I just went ahead and closed it again the absolute worst credit card company I’ve ever dealt with I have 21 cards in for I use all the rest are paid off nothing against other countries but it’s pretty bad when the only person you can talk to is either in the Philippines or in India ask them if they wanted to keep my business they could waive the fee for this year since I already paid $25 of it the first time so it was actually over half told me that there was no way they could do it so I just went ahead and close the count terrible credit card company terrible Bank

This bank is a scam. Yes, they let you charge on your card first. Then they block your acct. with some bogus reason and do not send you an invoice. I am not sure what their gain would be other than charging you interest and possibly ruin your credit rating. I have dealt with them since the end of June, no results. Just lie upon lie. They have no e-mail and can not give out phone numbers. You call the listed number and you get somewhere near the Phillipines or India. Like pulling teeth to get Las Vegas where you almost can understand what they are telling you. I have reported them to:CFPB and OCC. Both of them are gov. agencys and will deal direct with this bogus company. I suggest you file complaints with both of these agencys since they are set up to help innocent people like us from being scammed. Wished I had researched them first..I would have never applied for a credit card. WARNING: Stay Away!

I only have a great comment to give about this bank. When my credit was at its lowest, they gave me an opportunity to rebuild it by issuing me a credit card, same for my wife.
The terms are a bit high but at least they didn’t saddle me with several different charges like some othere credit cards that aim to help people rebuild credit charge.
I am very thankful and appreciative for the opportunity and help they gave me when I needed it most.
To me personally, that is priceless.
I understand some of you are not happy with this bank for different reasons , but my story is different from yours, and I could never in good conscience express anything negative about this bank.

I never get statement in the mail but they call to harass me about paying them and they want me to give them my checking account numbers but I refuse
This is the worst credit card company so my advise is don’t apply ever with them because there a scam

This company is the worst company in the world my credit card was stolen I have called them a million and one times there doing nothing about it but yet they’re calling me every month looking for money for my bill I am calling the Better Business Bureau I am calling the banks division on these people I am calling everybody on these people one way or another I will get resolution they suck

My account went three measley $$##%% dollars over the very very low limit. nobody called to ask for the three measley dollars they simply reported it and my credit score dropped FORTY points over THREE effin’ dollars. WTF. So I call them and hear that it is obviously base oversees and then I realize just like all the commercials make fun of..I fell for a JOKE of a credit card. what we cannot hear you?? Whattt?? It is overseas. I furiously tell them that for three dollars it is a matter of being able to buy or not buy a car. Just the robotic foreign accent voice reading from some silly script. STAY away they will RUIN your credit it is true like the previous poster says.

Among all their other terms, they are canceling their grace period as of Jan 2010. This means that they will charge you interest from the day you purchase the item, with no chance to pay off the total without accumulating interest.


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