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Alberta automobile insurance ~ Video

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Alberta automobile insurance ~ Video, REMMONT.COM

Alberta automobile insurance

Automobile Insurance

You want the right car insurance. We want to find it for you.

Let our brokers help you determine the coverage you need and then do the comparison shopping to make sure you get the best value for your auto insurance. We’ll give you competitive quotes so you know you’re getting best coverage at the best possible price.

What optional coverages are available?

The most common optional coverages are collision (which pays to fix or replace your car if it’s damaged in an accident), and comprehensive (which pays to repair or replace your car if it’s damaged by something other than collision or upset). However, there are many other optional coverages for automobile insurance. For example, loss of use, which pays for a rental car if your car is damaged in an accident and is being repaired. Ask your insurance provider about the full range.

What is my deductible? What do you recommend?

Collision and comprehensive coverages have deductibles (the portion of a claim that you have to pay). Ask how it will affect your premium if you choose a higher or lower deductible. But don’t choose such a high deductible that you couldn’t pay it out of pocket if you had a claim.

Note: Remember, policies vary, so when in doubt, please contact us.

What is covered in my automobile policy?

In Alberta, you are required to carry Third Party Liability (TPL) and Accident Benefits. TPL coverage is needed if you injure someone, or damage someone else’s property with your car, and they sue you. Accident benefits pay for emergency medical expenses.

Automobile Insurance Discounts

$avings – Are you getting yours?

  • Claims Free Discount – fewer claims equals fewer dollars
  • Conviction Free Discount – be rewarded for no demerits!
  • Experience Discount – more year’s driving, enjoy the benefits!
  • Loyalty Discount – insurers reward your loyalty!
  • Multi-Vehicle Discount – you can only drive one at a time!
  • Package Discount – bundle your home and auto together and save!

Mandatory Coverages

Third Party Liability

Protects you or someone driving your vehicle for damage done to someone else (Referred to as a third party). It is sometimes referred to as PLPD (Public Liability Property Damage).

Accident Benefits

Provides protection against no-fault medical care required from an accident with your vehicle. This is a mandatory coverage. This coverage is split into two main sections – Medical and Disability.

Family Protection Endorsement (SEF#44)

The minimum limit of insurance required in Alberta is only $200,000. With today’s medical costs this could quickly be eaten up by medical treatment for you, your family or employees. The Family Protection Endorsement provides you or your occupant’s protection in the event an uninsured or under-insured vehicle hits you. Remember that some provinces or states have mandatory liability limits as low as $20,000. Family Protection covers to your own policy’s limits regardless of the other person’s coverage levels. Technically this is not a mandatory coverage. However, due to number of underinsured vehicles on our roadways we treat it as such for your protection.

Optional Coverages

The following are some of the optional coverage you may choose to purchase:

Collision Coverage

Collision protects you against physical damage you may do to your vehicle from a collision with another vehicle or object. If the other driver is at fault your insurer will collect the monies from the them, a process called subrogation. If you are found at fault, your own policy will pay for the loss.

Comprehensive Coverage

Provides you with protection against physical loss or damage from causes other than Collision – fire, theft and vandalism to name a few.


As outlined above the standard policy form (SPF #1) can only be modified using government-approved forms called endorsements (Standard Endorsement Forms SEF’s). There are approximately 100 approved endorsement forms, each designed for a specific task. The following are a sample of several endorsements commonly attached to policies.

Self Insure Your Vehicle Glass (Limitation of Glass Endorsement – SEF 13d)

– This option works a little differently from other options. By choosing it, you are not adding coverage to your policy, but taking some away! This endorsement is frequently used to reduce your insurance premiums when you agree to assume the cost for repairing or replacing your vehicle glass from hazards such as flying rocks. Just remember it also takes away glass coverage on your sun or moon roof. These can be surprisingly expensive!

Replacement Cost (SEF18)

New vehicles are expensive. You have the option to purchase additional coverage to replace your vehicle with a new one having similar specifications and equipment in the event of a total or constructive loss to your car. Some insurers will provide this protection up to the first 60 months of ownership.

Valued Automobiles Endorsement (SEF 19a)

This endorsement is offered on a selective basis to qualifying vehicles (mainly antique and classic vehicles) and is used to specify when coverage is required up to a stated value. For example, if you have a ’67 Mustang you likely would like to protect your investment. It may be appraised at $25,000 whereas the depreciated street value may only be $500. This endorsement would be added to the policy to provide for cost of repair up to the value stated in the endorsement.

Loss of Use (SEF #20)

For many of us our vehicle is essential. If we are involved in an accident we would need a replacement vehicle. Loss of Use coverage pays for a rental car or alternate transportation while your automobile is being repaired. Coverage limits can be different from one insurance company to another. This endorsement fits the bill!

Renting A Vehicle?

(Legal Liability for Damage To Non-Owned Automobiles SEF #27) – Renting a car the USA or Canada? This handy endorsement is an economical way of avoiding the high cost of purchasing physical damage protection on vehicles you rent. Be sure to check with us before you purchase coverage from the rental car company. You may already have this coverage.

Accident Waiver Endorsement (SEF39)

This endorsement protects you against premium increase in the event of most occurrences of your first at fault loss.

Brand New Vehicles (SEF #43R/L)

The standard auto policy values all vehicles on an actual cash value or depreciated value basis. This endorsement provides for “new for old” coverage typically during the first 30 months of ownership of a new vehicle. It’s a great way to protect your investment in a new car.

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