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All cars characters * Video

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All cars characters * Video, REMMONT.COM

All cars characters

Unlock all Secret Characters!

This tutorial shows you how to unlock all Disney Crossy Road Secret Characters! There are different ways to unlock hidden characters. New mystery characters can be obtained by perform special actions or collecting items. Other ways to unlock characters are completing Character Sets or do Daily Missions. If you know how to unlock new Disney CR secret characters, you can do that in every movie section. Especially if there are characters missing in a set it would be great if you can help us out with the last character you got before unlocking a new secret character.

Disney CR DuckTales Update Secret Characters

Duck Tales Secret Characters

NEW #3 Shadow Magica – Action Unlock
Play as Scrooge McDuck (secret character) and hop until you find a rolling silver coin. Hop into the coin, and Shadow Magica will appear. Run into her and die to unlock her.

DISNEY CROSSY ROAD Cars 3 July 2017 – Secret Characters Unlock

Disney CR Cars 3 Update Secret Characters

Cars 3 Secret Characters

NEW #3 Dusty – Action Unlock
Play as Rusty and complete 3 laps within one race to unlock Dusty.

DISNEY CROSSY ROAD Lilo and Stitch April 2017 – Secret Characters Unlock

Disney CR Lilo and Stitch Update Secret Characters

Lilo and Stitch Secret Characters

#1 Space Suit – The Space Invaders Set
Get all the alien characters, such as Stitch, Pleakey, Jumba, Councilwoman and Gantu.

#2 Ice Cream Man – Paradise in Hawaii Set
Get all the residents of Hawaii, such as Lilo, Mertle, Mrs. Hasagawa, Nani and David Kawena.

#3 Mosquito – Action Unlock
Play as Pleakley and find and hit he floating Mosquito to unlock this character. Beware: This is not the vehicle type mosquito but a special floating one.

#4 Prisoner Jumba – Action Unlock
Play as Grand Councilwoman, find and open the large prison cell to unlock Prisoner Jumba.

#5 Rescue Lady – Action Unlock
Play as Lilo and find all five differently looking dogs.

#6 Bullfrog – Action Unlock
Unlock Space Suit Stitch first (see above). Play as Space Suit Stitch and get hit by a car 10 times zo unlock this character.

Special thanks to YouTubers Disney Dan / Disney Infinity Code and DaMobile Mob for providing tons of information!

DISNEY CROSSY ROAD The Beauty and the Beast Mar 2017 – Secret Characters Unlock

Disney CR The Beauty and the Beast Update Secret Characters

The Beauty and The Beast Secret Characters

#2 Garderobe – Dressed for Success Set
Get all well dressed characters such as Gaston, LeFou, the Beast any many more.

#3 Winter Cold Belle – Action Unlock
Play as classic Belle and collect 50 Books to unlock this winter dressed Belle character.

#4 War Hero Gaston – Action Unlock
Play as Gaston and score over 250 points in one game.

#5 Prince Adam – Action Unlock
First unlock the enchanted Ballroom Beast by completing the Weekend Challenges. Then play as Ballroom Beast and dance with Ballroom Belle to unlock Prince Adam.

DISNEY CROSSY ROAD The Incredibles Update Feb 2017 – Secret Characters Unlock

Disney CR The Incredibles Update Secret Characters

The Incredibles Secret Characters

#2 Rusty McAllister – Nothing to see here Set
Get all Lucis Best, Helen Parr (see #4 below) and Bob Paar to unlock the Rusty McAllister.

#3 Incrediboy – Sidekicks and Super Friends Set
If you have any idea, who belongs to this set, let us know in the comments. Please let us know at least the last character you needed to unlock Incrediboy.

#4 Helen Parr – Action Unlock
Play as Mrs. Incredible and find Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack. Don’t worry, you can die in between and find them in different rounds. Once you found them all and die after that, Helen Parr will be unlocked.

#5 The Underminder – Action Unlock
Play as Mr. Incredible and find Underminer’s drill to unlock the Underminer.

#6 Lucis Best – Action Unlock
Play as Frozone and collect 2 bottles of water.

#7 Omn >Daily Mission
Complete the Daily Missions to unlock this Secret Character.

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