Jun 14 2017

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Allied Visa Credit Card

Welcome to the world of privileges, benefits and savings with your Allied Visa Credit Card. In order to cater to your growing financial needs we are proud to introduce Allied Visa Credit Card with The Lowest Service Charge ever! So now you can save money where it counts and spend lavishly at your favorite places with greater flexibility, convenience and most important-Affordability!

With your Allied Visa Credit Card you can enjoy a variety of state-of-the-art features and unmatched value by spending at over 49,000 merchants across Pakistan and 27 million merchant outlets worldwide! And what more, you can also use your credit card at over 1 million ATMs internationally!


The Most Attractive Service Charge

Your Allied Visa Credit Card helps you save money where it counts. Your Allied Visa Credit Card currently carries the most attractive Annual Percentage Rate in the market, i.e. 28%*. So use your Allied Visa Credit Card at your favorite places and enjoy savings like never before.

*Any change in APR will be intimated accordingly.

With your Allied Visa Credit Card, your free credit period allows you to pay for your purchases up to 50 days after the date of purchase. So now you can buy all the things you want, whenever you want, at your earliest convenience.

In addition to being accepted by over 49,000 merchants in Pakistan, your Allied Visa Credit Card is also accepted at over 1 million ATMs and 27 million merchants worldwide. This provides you with the added flexibility and security of being able to make transactions on your card just about everywhere you go.

Flexible Repayment

When paying back your credit card bill, your Allied Visa Credit Card gives you the option to either pay the entire amount as according to your statement or a minimum of 5% of your total outstanding balance or Rs. 500 (whichever is higher).

Cash Advance Facility

As an Allied Visa Credit Card member, you are entitled up to 50% of your credit limit in cash. Just go to your nearest ATM with the VISA or PLUS sign and avail the facility of withdrawing cash 24 hours a day.

(The current applicable rate may differ from the example given above. Please refer to the latest Schedule of Charges for the applicable rates).

Calculation of Cash Advance Facility

The calculation can further be explained as per the following example:

If an amount of Rs. 10,000 is transacted on 20-04-09 and the statement generation date is 30-04-09, then the amount will attract a mark-up of 28% per annum equaling to 0.077% on a daily basis from the date of transaction till the complete payment is made. Since in this example the time period between the transaction date and the statement date is 10 days, therefore the finance charges are calculated for 10 days. The total finance charges in this case amounting to Rs. 76.71 for 10 days will be reflected on the credit card statement.

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