Sep 2 2019

Apollo Credit Agency in Lakewood, CO

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Reviews for Apollo Credit Agency


over a year ago

They only suck when you don t pay. I had a collection account on my credit report that was held by Apollo Credit Agency. I knew I owed the money and I was finally able to pay it. I called and everybody that I spoke with was very friendly so I was surprised to see all of these negative reviews.

Doesn’t Recommend

over a year ago

Complaints Against Apollo AND attorney Becky Keil In the summer of 2009, I was telephoned by Apollo Credit Agency, and I was told that they already had a judgment against me. I asked for details: case no. name of the Court, amt. of judgment, date of judgment, etc. I also asked for information about the Return of Service. I was told I had been served during a year in which I was working in the mountains and NOT in metro Denver except very rarely.

Their attorney, Becky Keil, also is scum if representation of this company is the best she can do for clients. I sent a letter to Apollo, but have heard nothing back. The collection co. and attorney continue to pursue me, however. This week someone threw something at one of the front windows in my home at 5:45am. presumably the process server for the Apollo/attorney Becky Keil Slimeball Team. Is it even lawful to try to serve someone at home at 5:45am.

Becky Keil should be stripped of her license to practice law in Colorado. disbarred. She gives all attorneys a bad name.

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