Jul 31 2019

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Auto body paint

The word is in our name, and we treat every car we work on like a work of art. Our shop is family owned and Art Gutierrez has been in business for more than 30 years. Art likes to say “quality is not expensive, it’s priceless!” Come see the difference for yourself. We guarantee all our work. Give us a chance to give you an estimate of repairs and we guarantee you will be happy with our bid, compared to other shops. Not to mention the quality of service and final results you will get! Call us for an appointment at 909-764-8624.


We are family owned and operated. Art Gutierrez is the owner and you will always find him here at the shop treating every customer like a king. We have top technicians handling the auto body repair work and paint. You will definitely see the difference. Let’s put it this way, if the Pomona Police Department trusts us to do their work, you know you can trust us too.

Auto body paint

Auto body paint


Located in the city of Pomona. We are not a large shop but think of ourselves as a quality focused company. We are not interested in volume but in quality. That’s why Art says “quality is not expensive, it’s priceless!”

ADDRESS: 351 S Reservoir St, Pomona, CA 91766


✔ What are people saying about the shop?

✔ Where is the Body Shop located? Is is in a good neighborhood?

✔ Have you prepared at least three places to get comparative estimates?

✔ Have you prepared all your questions?

✔ What does your gut tell you? Your instincts are very important!

Think about this and you will be closer to finding a good, honest, competent Auto Body Shop. Art’s Auto Body and Paint Shop! Come in and ASK QUESTIONS.

Auto body paint

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Auto body paint

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Auto body paint

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