May 6 2018

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Belk Credit Card Payment Online

If you enjoy shopping at the Belk department store then you probably already have a Belk credit card in your possession. Belk’s credit cards are issued by GE Money Bank. The easiest way to apply for a Belk credit card if you do not already have one is online. When it comes time to make your monthly payment to Belk’s the simplest option is to choose the Belk Credit Card Payment Online option.

Make a Belk Credit Card Payment Online

The payment service at Belk’s works much the same way as it does at other websites. You need to register at the website in order to activate your online account. Once you are registered you are then able to pay your Belk account online by way of your checking account.

  • To pay your Belk credit card online you must have a checking account.
  • Visit
  • Once you set up your online account you can schedule your payments to be taken out on a recurring basis or you can pay your bill on a one time basis as you so choose.
  • You can check your recent credit card activity at the site as well as adding authorized users if any and downloads transactions if you so wish.
  • You can also update your personal information and change your password.

Belk Credit Card Benefits

Besides making your Belk credit card payment online you can also do other things when you visit the website. You can subscribe for the Check Free service. This service makes it possible for you to receive your bill in electronic format and therefore not have to wait for your bill to arrive in the mail.

  • You can also check your account balance and check how many reward points you have earned to date.
  • At Belk’s every dollar that you spend earns you a point.
  • Once you have accumulated 400 points then you are eligible to receive a $10 reward certificate.
  • At the Belk’s website you can also redeem your points.

The most important thing you do at the site however is to pay your bill. The Belk credit card payment online system is simple to use, very efficient and safe. It is never a smart idea to access your Belk online account on a computer that is meant for public use such as one that is found at your local library or Internet cafe. If you are sent a link in your e-mail that has something to do with your Belk account then do not click it on. Instead exit your e-mail account and type in the URL for the website in order to access your online account.

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