Oct 28 2016

Bluetooth Wallet Lets You Know if You Lose a Credit Card #free #credit #scores #online

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Bluetooth Wallet Lets You Know if You Lose a Credit Card

Did you know that most identity theft happens due to lost wallets or credit cards? The Ping* Wallet is a smart device that can tell you when a card falls out, when you forget to put a card back in your wallet, or even when your wallet is stolen.

Ping* is a Bluetooth-equipped aluminum case that links to your phone to help keep your information safe. When you take a card out of the wallet and fail to return it after a certain period of time, the wallet emits a sound to alert you. A built-in speaker alerts you if the wallet suddenly loses connection with your phone whether it s the phone or the wallet that has been pilfered.

If you happen to leave it somewhere, the Ping* can emit a sound to lead to you right to it as long as you re within 100 feet of it. This feature would be especially helpful for forgetful people who can never seem to get everything together in the morning. If a card is lost or stolen, the app will even tell you the last place you used it.

Despite all of its features, the Ping* is a mere 3 millimeters thick, or about the thickness of four stacked credit cards. It can hold 10 credit cards and a stack of cash comfortably in its aluminum and elastic embrace. Its electronic brain is tiny and flat and contains a battery that lasts for up to two years on a single charge.

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