Jul 31 2017

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Agency Testimonial

“Loving WhatConverts. Switched to the Agency plan not long ago and the ease of using the system and managing tons of clients is made so easy. We see what results our clients are getting, can track all leads and easily report results to clients. I love everything about it, especially how easy it is to use. Michael and Jeremy are also really helpful whenever I email them, I highly recommend.”

Marketing Services Manager Studio98

Agency Testimonial

“I’ve tried many of the platforms and many promise simple and easy integration with Google Analytics and Google Adwords. WhatConverts is by far the best platform I’ve used that integrates your call tracking data with Google Analytics and imports keyword level tracking into Google Adwords. The simplicity of their platform is only exceeded by the level of support they provide. We always receive a quick response time on any questions or issues we’ve had with platform.”

Senior Marketing Manager Cybermark

Agency Testimonial

“I searched and investigated over 30 different call tracking companies before deciding to use What Converts. The customer service has been outstanding, and I do not use that word lightly. My emails have been handled extremely quickly, even times well after business hours. Don’t bother with others.”

Agency Testimonial

“Switching from our old call tracking company to WhatConverts was the smartest thing we could’ve done. The data provided on the leads, just at a glance, is incredible! From whether it’s ‘unique’ or ‘repeat’, to call duration and referral source (Google? Direct? Other website? Organic?), it seems any data you could possibly need is right there. Minimal clicking around needed!

I would highly recommend WhatConverts, and in fact have already recommended it to a fellow marketer. The interface is great, the UX when navigating the client dashboard is amazing.”

Lead Online Marketing Specialist Studio III Marketing

Agency Testimonial

“You guys are the best, and have changed the way we run PPC at our agency. Our clients are happier and earning more because of your service. Thanks for all the great customer support, I will be in touch when my next question/issue arises.

This is, hands down, the best call tracking/number swapping program I have used. We recently switched all of our clients to this service, and have had zero issues since. Implementing the code is easy as can be, and the call recording abilities are second-to-none. Customer service regularly goes above and beyond to address my concerns. WhatConverts has changed the game for lead tracking, and has helped us attribute more leads to our campaigns. Thank you!!”

Digital Marketing Specialist Wpromote

Agency Testimonial

“WhatConverts has provided our team with an affordable and effective way to accurately and transparently track leads generated from our efforts for our clients, all while being incredibly simple to set up and manage. The WhatConverts platform has truly changed the game and is a robust tool for agencies to simplify and automate the lead tracking process so they can spend more time focusing on getting results for their clients and less time tinkering with complex configuration typically involved in effective lead tracking and reporting. This powerful tool has greatly boosted both our internal workflow efficiency and our client retention rate, and we cannot thank Jeremy and the WhatConverts team enough.”

Search Engine Marketing Manager Search Control

Agency level call tracking.

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