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Callcredit Checks – Credit Reports

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Getting Your Callcredit Check and Understanding It!

Callcredit is the smallest credit reference agency in the uk, however lenders still use their data to drive their credit applications decisions. Callcredit Checks also known as credit reports are available as a 2 statutory report, or the pay monthly free trial credit reports. Callcredit Checks also include a credit score and a credit rating number, but this is only available with the pay monthly options.

It is important to remember that as Callcredit is the smallest credit reference agency it is important to check your Experian (credit expert) and Equifax credit reports as a priority, simply because more lenders use them. When you login in to your Callcredit Checks Reports, you notice that when you compare to Experian and Equifax, the essential information is similar. Callcredit includes a deeper credit history profile than Experian and Equifax, in terms of how far back the information goes (36 months), for example payments on credit accounts. If you are using Checkmyfile to track your call credit report, not everything will apply but most of it should.

Understanding the Content of Your Callcredit Checks:

The following is a breakdown of the key elements in a Callcredit Check Report:

  • Electoral Roll data which shows the address you are registered with the council with, note this can delay applications or even stop them dead, if this information deviates from your application address details.
  • Credit Searches – Shows the previous checks on your credit file and the lender that did it, this is generally only carried out with your permission.
  • Financial Account Data – This displays the credit account details you have for example currrent accounts, mobile phone contracts, credit cards, mortgages and loans for example.
  • Public Information – This includes details of IVA s (Individual Voluntary Arrangements), Bankruptcy or CCJ s (County Court Judgements).
  • Financial Associations – Shows a breakdown of persons that you have linked credit, for example a joint current account, mortgage.
  • Links, Associates – Details of persons you have a financial association with.
  • Notice of Corrections – Disputes – This is where you can add notes to key sections of your credit check report, which lenders will see when they search your credit file.

It is important to check the entire contents of your Callcredit Check report, any queries contact their customer support. You can add notice of corrections to explain factors within your credit check report.

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