Dec 2 2019

Capitol Title Loans – REFINANCE YOUR CAR TITLE LOAN, car loan refinance.

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Are you feeling trapped in an overly expensive car title loan with your lender?

Now, you have options.

Refinance your car title loan now with Capitol Title Loans and you could save big. It’s free to apply and there’s never any check of your credit score. In most cases your refinancing can be completed the same day. So you can start saving immediately. Find out just how affordable a new consumer loan secured with your vehicle title can be. You may save thousands of dollars over the life of your loan.

Plus you can save even more with Capitol Title Loans no fee services such as pay by phone.

APPLY NOW and start enjoying a great fixed rate consumer loan with your vehicle title today.

Saving money is always a good idea, right? One way to do so is by refinancing your existing car title loan at a better interest rate. Not all car title loans are alike. Fees and interest rates can vary widely from one car title loan lender to the next. So the potential for saving money may reach well into hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the life of a loan.

Most borrowers understand that refinancing a car title loan with a lower interest rate loan can save money. What may be more difficult to calculate, however, is just how much money the additional fees charged by many car title loan lenders may ultimately cost. Some areas to consider are late fees, application fees, document fees, filing fees, bank fees on returned items, club fees, charges for credit checks and so on. Finally, if your car title loans interest rate is not fixed, figuring your final payoff may prove difficult.

Capitol Title Loans offers a free and fast application process and will not check your credit score. In most cases refinancing can be completed the same day. Our easy to understand title loans simply do not have the ‘add-on’ fees of many of our competitors. This can make refinancing your title loan an even more attractive option.

So just what is the process to refinance an existing car title loan?

Simply gather your existing loan information (current balance, interest rate, vehicle year, make and mileage). Then contact Capitol Title Loans. A Loan Officer will help you to compare rates and determine your potential savings. Once your application is approved, Capitol Title Loans will pay off the existing car title loan. You will then have a new loan agreement with Capitol Title Loans.

Written by CREDIT