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Carfinance 247 is the longest established car finance broker in the UK, obtaining competitive car finance rates for thousands of happy customers nationwide. Whatever your circumstances, Carfinance 247 can find you the best deal. No deposit is required and you can choose your car from any dealer across the UK. Or, if you prefer, Carfinance 247 can supply and deliver any make and model of your choice.

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Bad Credit Car Loans

Although fewer financing options exist for people with bad credit who are trying to buy a car, loans are available. Unfortunately, the terms of these car loans are decidedly not as good as the car loans that are offered to consumers with good credit histories.

In fact, if you have bad credit, you will have to accept the fact that you might not be able to afford that brand new, shiny car simply because you cannot get a good enough car loan to finance your purchase.

However, even though it may be easier to get a loan for a used car when you have bad credit, you can get a loan in many cases to help you finance a brand new car purchase. Typically, this depends on your personal circumstances including employment history, size of down payment, type of car that you are planning to purchase, the existence of a cosigner, and the circumstances of your bad credit history.

Unfortunately, no matter what kind of car you are trying to finance, your bad credit history is going to lead you to car loans with less than favourable terms. It may take some time searching for a lender who specialises in car loans for people with bad credit to get the loan that you want. This type of lender has access to numerous car loans with a wider variety of terms including interest rates and the number of years the loan will be held.

Reputable lenders will help you locate the best car loan for your circumstances. They will provide you with free, no obligation quotes for a car loan. Look around and request quotes including interest rates from several lenders before you finalise a deal.

Don’t forget to ask the lender if there is any way they can improve upon the terms they are offering you. Lenders are in the business of loaning money to make money. Therefore, if they consider you are a safe enough risk, even with bad credit, then they will give you the loan you need to purchase the car. Once you are given your car loan, make sure you are not late with the payments otherwise your credit rating will drop even more. If you can increase your credit score and improve your bad credit rating, then you might be able to acquire a better car loan the next time around.

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