Apr 15 2018

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The way your credit card costs are worked out can be quite complicated.

Use this site to explore how much your card costs you.

How to use this site

This calculator will allow you to explore questions like:

  • If I want to pay off this balance in a year, what do I have to pay each month?
  • If I carry on paying as I’ve been doing, how long will it take me to pay this off?
  • Can I really afford to make that purchase on my credit card?
  • If I repay more each month, how much will this save me in interest charges?

To get the most accurate picture of how much your credit card costs, complete as many of the boxes on this page as you can with up to date information. You should be able to find all the information you need on your monthly statement.

Important: The calculations produced on this site are intended as a guide only and are not guaranteed to be completely accurate. Read our disclaimer for more information.

Your credit card details. Make sure these details are correct before you carry on as the results are worked out using the figures you have put in.

How much your card will cost

This is the total of all monthly repayments added together, plus any ongoing spend and fees, and will include interest charges unless your balance is cleared in full every month

Important These calculations assume that you do not continue to spend using your card. You may want to enter average monthly spending and see how this will affect your repayments.

Explore your repayment options

To explore other methods of repayment, please go back.

Did you know?

  • If you maintained a balance of 120 on your card over the next 12 months it would cost you around a month, or a year in interest charges.
  • By increasing your payments to 120 per month you could save approximately 9750 in interest charges and clear your balance 7 years sooner.
  • If you were to pay only the minimum on your card, it would cost you 120 in interest charges, and take X years and Y months to clear your balance.

To change your repayment preferences you should contact your card provider.

Remember, these results are only intended as a guide and figures are approximate. See our disclaimer for full details.

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