Aug 17 2017

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We expose the trickery of merchant accounts.

Beware of the Trickery of Costco Merchant Accounts

Let me first say that we absolutely love Costco! They have incredible deals on most products, and those giant bags of pita chips are irresistible around the office. Please beware that the good deals stop when it comes to a merchant account. You may have picked up a flyer on the way out the door [ ]

Bank of America is Banking on Your Lack of Understanding

Despite their All-American moniker, Bank of America is not much different than the other banks we ve researched in our Exposing the Trickery blog series. To launch our investigation, we filled out an online form and waited to be contacting by a merchant account representative. We waited and waited and waited some more. They never emailed, called, [ ]

Don t Be Too Quick to Process Credit Cards With QuickBooks

We ve already pointed out the trickery of Costco, but there are even more large corporations who build on your existing trust in order to lure you into processing credit cards with them. Today, we want to highlight how Intuit leverages the QuickBooks brand to develop a merchant services business. As a small business owner, you [ ]

No Need to Chase After Three-Tier Pricing at Chase Bank

This week, we headed on over to Chase Bank to look into a merchant account. We quickly found out that Chase Paymentech uses one of the most common credit card processing fee structures the three-tier system. The first tier is known as the Qualified Rate, which is when an individual swipes their credit card in your [ ]

Merchant One is #1 in Shady Sales Strategies

As we continue to expose the trickery of shady credit card processing companies, we contacted Merchant One to request a quote for an Internet-based business. As with all our merchant account reviews, we contacted the company directly by submitting an request for quotation through their company website. We submitted a request on Tuesday, April 24th, [ ]

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