Aug 24 2017

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Cost of Test-tube Baby in India

India’s first in vitro posterchild, Nandini Sodha raised the bar for test tube babies—both born and in waiting—by becoming a doctor, and more and more people are seeking babies from ivf services in India. This is also because of the fact that the cost of test tube baby in India is among the lowest in the world and ivf science has come a long way since Nandini was delivered some 26 years ago.

Progressive clientele from overseas – especially from downunder is at the forefront of this. As Australian parents share their Indian surrogacy story with friends and relatives back home, commercial surrogacy in India is poised for growth.

The Cost of In Vitro Babies in India

While the joy of parenting cannot be measured in monetary terms, the low-cost of IVF babies in India ensures that everyone can afford it. The costs may start as low as $2000, and go up, depending upon the treatment you need.

Some couples also need a surrogate to deliver the baby. Surrogacy is indispensable in cases of gays, single men, women who have had their uterus removed or those who are unable to carry a pregnancy to term. No matter what procedure you opt for, you’d be able to appreciate great discounts here, as even the cost of surrogacy in India is just a fraction of what it is in the West.

Surrogacy in India became legal in 2002 and since then, IVF baby centers in Delhi have been arranging surrogates for quite a low cost for many childless couples. Some prefer to go to Bombay, now known as Mumbai, for IVF babies since, it is India’s financial capital and wears a c.osmopolitan outlook. It is due to this liberality, it is easier to find surrogates with different religious inclinations in the city. Also, the fact that first IVF baby in India was born here works in its favor.

Test Tube Babies in India – A Cost-Benefit Analysis

Although many people are attracted to the lower prices here, some are still sceptical about surrogacy in India on account of following myths:

Nothing could be further from truth. An Australian gay man who sought surrogacy in India was in for a surprise, a pleasant one for sure. He says “I came to New Delhi to become a father basically. I had two sons through surrogacy. Surrogacy, the options were quite limited in Australia so we looked around the world, between America and India and a friend had done it in India so flew last December and we were pregnant by January, so happy with the two babies.”

Myth Number 2Indian surrogatesare forced into the business.

In fact, surrogacy is legitimate in India. The exit is smooth since Indian Legal System recognizes that the desire to procreate is intrinsic to human species. Should you fall into a legal tangle, immediately engage the services of a good lawyer who is well versed with the surrogacy law of the country. Now, if you have been able to find a surrogate mother, finding a lawyer should not be difficult at all.

Surrogacy clinics in India can provide assistance on all these aspects.

Myth Number 3Thesuccess rate of Indian surrogacy programsis too low .

A renowned doctor in India debunks this myth by comparing his success rate – he defines his success by ‘take home baby rate’ and not ‘successful pregnancy rate’ – to those in the best of the first world. He says -“Well roughly our surrogacy success rates have ranged between 50-60 percent and the cryopreserved embryos give a success rate of about 45 percent,” These numbers do match up.

A lot of successful couples will vouch that the cost of test tube baby in India isn’t commensurate with the benefits of parenthood for the benefits are far greater and they’d adamantly persist it is simply priceless.

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