Sep 16 2016

Credit Bureau Solutions

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The rapid, cost effective innovation of a credit bureau solution requires highly skilled technologists with in-depth industry knowledge, advanced technologies and reliable infrastructure.

Compuscan’s credit bureau solution offers all of these strengthened by the invaluable experience gained across the unique lending markets of South Africa, Uganda, Namibia, Botswana and Ethiopia. With this experience as a foundation we have developed a scalable, portable and resilient credit bureau solution that we are able to use as a platform to ensure the rapid start-up of a credit bureau in any new market.

In addition, we offer a set of value added products and an exceptional consultancy service to our partners, sharing the management expertise and diverse operational experience we have gained across the diverse lending markets of Africa.

We are acutely aware that not every market is the same and part of our implementation process is to customise our offering to the needs of the market. When we are establishing and rolling out our systems into a new market, we take cognisance of our customers’ essential requirements, such as applicable legislation, regulations, specific market needs, economic requirements, human resources, technical infrastructure and new developments in the industry that may be applicable to your particular market.

Credit Bureau Active Learning Programme

Compuscan, in conjunction with its sister company Compuscan Academy. has created a customisable Credit Bureau Active Learning programme which provides international credit bureaus and industry bodies with the opportunity to understand the inner workings of a full service South African credit bureau. The programme is aimed at providing attendees with the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to clearly understand the different product offerings and the workings of a private credit bureau and its industry. In addition, the programme seeks to specifically highlight the value adding products and services of credit bureaus and their usage in different client markets, within the South African market.

The programme consists of a combination of training modules facilitated in a classroom setting along with several site visits to various role players within the South African credit industry. Training is conducted at Compuscan Head Office in Stellenbosch South Africa where-after the attendees travel to Johannesburg for the purpose of the site visits at various industry institutions.

Compuscan, a credit bureau with almost 20 years of valuable experience working in the credit industry, together with Compuscan Academy, an accredited training provider with a wealth of knowledge on credit bureau operations, are perfectly positioned to provide a training programme on the inner workings of a credit bureau that will contribute to the upliftment of the global credit industry.

Should you require any additional information on our Credit Bureau Active Learning Programme please do not hesitate to contact us. S imply fill in the enquiry form below and we’ll be in touch with you soon.

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