Sep 15 2016

Credit Cards for Damaged Credit: Apply for yours at

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USAA Secured Cards® American Express® Card

*See online credit card application for details on the terms and conditions.

More about Damaged Credit.

Damaged credit sometimes happens to good people. Perhaps you lost a job that seemed perfectly secure. Maybe you had astronomical medical expenses only partially covered by insurance or not covered at all. There are many understandable reasons why responsible people might lose their good credit ratings.

Other card types and options are also available for those with damaged credit and works hard to find offers that could help you. Rebuilding your credit history may be possible: make on time payments to all your creditors and keep your account balances low relative to the credit limit.

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  • I applied for matrix credit . I got approved and I have reference number for approval I needed to finish the application, how do I bring the application back up? There is no number for me to call or customer service number.

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