Aug 17 2017

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Best Credit Cards for Shopping in Thailand

Thailand has no shortage of shopping malls. For many of us who live in the city, a week without dropping by the mall can seem, well, weird. It’s hard to resist checking out the latest offerings from some of the top fashion brands at Siam Paragon or CentralWorld, or to get your hands on the latest gadgets on offer at Pantip Plaza.

So how can you tell which credit card is the best for shopping? First off, you should know that not all credit cards are the same. While many credit cards can help you pay for goods and services almost anywhere, the rewards that you get for swiping your card varies from card to card.

Some cards let you earn cash back when you spend, while some cards are best for earning air miles faster. When it comes to shopping, the best credit card would be one that gives you discounts when you shop at your favourite store! Great bonus if you get a one that offers you the option to choose your own rewards!

Other perks that you can get from your shopping credit card is that you can get access to reserved parking slots. If you’ve ever tried finding a parking slot at a mall’s parking lot during a payday weekend, you’ll know how convenient this perk can be! No more driving around the mall’s parking lot looking for a slot when you can be relaxing at the mall already!

Best Credit Cards for Online Shopping

Credit cards have made it easy for a lot of people to shop online. With a credit card, it’s easy to settle payments with e-commerce stores; and if you choose a card that is co-branded with online shops, you can enjoy discounts from that online shop when you use your card with them.

Apply Online for a Credit Card That’s Best for Shopping

It’s easy to compare credit cards in Thailand with Money Guru. Looking for a credit card that allows you to enjoy discounts from some of the biggest malls? You can find that, and more, on Money Guru. Thailand’s leading comparison portal.

Browse through dozens of credit cards in Thailand to see which one lets you enjoy big discounts from your favourite department stores, clothing stores, shops, boutiques, and specialty stores! Compare features and perks of credit cards co-branded with Central, Robinson, or Tesco and avail of discounts of as much as 10% when you shop at these malls. You can also earn reward points, air miles, or cashback, so apply for your very own shopping credit card now!

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