Sep 2 2019

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Get Control of Your Future with 9 Tailored, Credit Card Options

Don’t let your financial future depend on the random credit card invitations you get in the mail. Take control by choosing the best credit cards tailored specifically to your financial goals and life situation.Unlike the big banks that send just one type of card, A+ rated First Financial helps you define and prioritize whether you want to maximize rewards, re-build credit or minimize credit fees.

Right now, is it most important that you:

  • Consolidate debt for lower monthly expenses?
  • Begin to build credit after a bankruptcy or if you’re a student?
  • Accumulate the rewards for that vacation the family deserves?
  • Pay low or NO interest right now?
  • Start with a steady rate and depend on that same expense monthly?

Different cards stretch your dollars further depending on exactly what you want to achieve.

Don’t let the big banks convince you that the single offer they send works best for you. First Financial online options let you decide which rewards, fees and long term benefits will power your family’s cash flow long term.

Your options include:

Our financial experts reviewed all the information for each card and listed the important facts so you can quickly measure which features best match your needs at this time.

Apply for the Right Card the First Time

Banks carpet neighborhood with one credit card offer, no matter how varied the population. Assuming they’re already approved, recipients call to start the credit line, turning over the information that allows the bank to conduct a credit check. It’s a shocking surprise to be turned down after receiving such a positive letter, and yet not only are many rejected, their credit score has been lowered by the inquiry.  Keep your letter next time, big bank!

You don’t want to make the mistake of applying for a “good” credit card if your score is under 640 (currently considered good but this figures changes regularly) or if you’re new to credit. Every credit inquiry a card issuer performs brings your credit score down.

An online institution like First Financial has the volume of offers to allow you to tailor how your credit will work. More, because it doesn’t need physical branches or marketing campaigns, First Financial saves significant overhead costs. We then pass these savings on to you with credit cards that have the lowest interest rates and best rewards in the industry.

When you begin exploring your ideal options, you’ll see that each card requires a short online form you can fill out in minutes. Once completed, someone will call you within 48 hours to finalize the process or you’ll receive an email with your approval.

A+ Rated First Financial Has the Best Credit Cards to Maximize Cash Flow

The rich-and-famous go notoriously broke while the quiet librarian or school teacher dies leaving a million dollars to a favorite charity.

How does either situation happen?

Positive or negative cash flow over time.

The power of time turns the pennies the librarian saves with every purchase into dollars, certificates of deposit and finally a stock investment account. Time also turns the loan on that ex-quarterback or rock star’s Lamborghini into an increasing debt load with interest compounding on interest.

Here at First Financial we do all we can to keep your fees down, your credit score up and your money flowing positively. Which group do you belong to?

  • the shoppers interested in maximizing their rewards. Several First Financial products offer 5-20% cash back at 200+ online retailers like Apple Store, Macy s and Smart consumers work these deals to pay less.
  • the careful account watchers avoid monthly interest fees by switching their balances to cards with 0% interest regularly.
  • those planning to buy a house and/or car bring their mortgage, auto loan and auto insurance rates down significantly by getting their credit scores as high as possible. While it may take a secured credit card to get the credit building process started, it’s not long before this consumer is utilizing the low interest rate cards that impress lenders.
  • travelers who leverage card rewards points for double airline miles, hotel rooms and more.
  • those who need to cut monthly expenses immediately and consolidate debt on a lower interest card.

For each card, we’ve created a bulleted list that covers:  

  • annual fees
  • terms
  • APR and fees on balance transfers
  • APR and fees on standard purchases
  • introductory rates
  • introductory period
  • nature of rewards programs

Control Cash Flow Today with First Financial Tailored Credit Card Options

Our easy applications require just a few lines of information to get started. One of our representatives will call you within 24 hours to finish the process. If you’re still weighing your options, feel free to follow us on our  Facebook page   where we provide frequent money management and maximization tips.

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