Oct 26 2016

Credit Karma Review: How to Get Your Credit Score for Free #new #credit #card

#how to get your credit score free

Credit Karma Review: How to Get Your Credit Score for Free

A safe, free, and reliable way to obtain your credit score as often as once per week?

It sounds too good to be true, but San Francisco startup Credit Karma can do just that for you. While your free credit report has always been available to request once per year, up until recently consumers couldn’t access a free version of their credit score.

Having access to your credit score on a regular basis can help you guard against errors. It can also alert you to issues within your personal finances if you see your credit score slipping. As XYPN advisor Sophia Bera pointed out on a recent blog post, your credit score is like your financial report card .

Bad grades, or a lower score, can be indicative of bad financial habits that need correcting. Checking your score more than once per year can increase your awareness and help you get back on track before you take on any serious financial damage.

So is Credit Karma worth it? Is it legitimate? And should you use it yourself?

Pros and Cons of Credit Karma

Your credit score is a helpful tool for better understanding your big financial picture. Being able to use a service like Credit Karma can provide insights to your credit and help you understand where you stand with financial institutions before approaching a lender for a service or product.

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  • Hi this is ReneeSiler and im try to see what my credit score is so that I may start to repair it if it needs to b fixed

  • Can’t access my account anymore. Was established in 2012 or 13. Need to reset it for user name and password so I can log in again
    ### – ## – 4682 ssn

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