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fix my credit score

We work with credit bureaus and creditors to resolve issues with your credit reports. Make sure your credit report is the best it can be.

Break Free From Bad Credit

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With our mobile-friendly website you can join the tens of thousands of consumers that have relied on Ovation to resolve credit reporting discrepancies since 2004.


Credit Repair Services

Ovation offers more Corrections, Education and Optimization. Our formula is proven and our commitment to our clients is unquestionable.

of all credit reports contain errors serious enough to result in the denial of credit.

of credit reports contain mistakes of some kind.

of credit reports contain information that is long outdated, belongs to a stranger, or is otherwise incorrect.

of credit reports contain credit accounts that have been closed by the consumer but are reported incorrectly.

Ovation makes credit repair fast, easy and effective

We are here to help you achieve your optimal credit profile. We work with creditors to resolve items that should be removed, updated, or re-characterized. At Ovation we’ve effectively disputed every kind of problem a credit report can have and we’re waiting to help you now.

How It Works

Choose from one of our two customized program options: Essentials and Essentials Plus.

We provide your TransUnion and Equifax and guide you through obtaining your Experian report.

We discuss the report with you and dispute your questionable credit reports items.

You relax and watch the results as your credit is improved one step at a time.

Powerful Results

improvements per customer on average

years of Professional Credit Report Repair

credit Profiles corrected by Ovation And Counting

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Essentials Program

The Essentials Program includes everything that you need for most standard credit report repair issues, and allows you to dispute each item on your credit report that you feel is inaccurate, misleading, or unverifiable in any way. Read More.

  • Professional Credit Analyst
  • Unlimited Bureau Disputes
  • Personal Case Advisor
  • Online Dispute Management
  • Financial Management Tools


Essentials Plus Program

The Essentials Plus program is designed for more complex credit repair issues. It packs all the punch of the Essentials program but adds several other cutting-edge components to create a multi-tiered approach, giving you best possible results. Read More.

  • Everything in The Essentials
  • Unlimited Validation Letters
  • Unlimited Goodwill Letters
  • Recommendation Letter
  • 24/7 TransUnion Credit Monitoring


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  • Fix my credit score

  • Fix my credit score

  • Fix my credit score

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