Aug 27 2017

Credit Repair & My Credit File Report, Credit History Check Australia #loans #for #people #with #poor #credit

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Welcome to MGE Online

Our Services Include:

  • Remove credit defaults
  • Remove clearouts
  • Remove court judgements
  • Help with a busy credit file

The advantages of credit repair include:

  • Instant approval for finance
  • Save thousands on interest repayments
  • Improving the quality of your lifestyle
  • Reducing repayments

Malouf Group Enterprises specialise in providing the knowledge of how to remove unfair, disputable and contestable negative listings from your credit file. In Australia we have a negative credit reporting system which means only negative marks show on your credit file.

These marks, defaults, clear outs, court judgements etc stay there for up to 7 years and in some cases make it impossible for individuals to obtain finance. Whether you paid the blemish or not, it stays there for the same amount of time, which for a lot of families and individuals create financial hardship and strain.

Once listed, you are placed into the credit impaired category. Obtaining a traditional loan through banking institutions is then very rare. Credit impaired clients are sometimes charged over 5 times the standard interest rate!

An example of this is as follows. Fred has a good credit rating, he goes though a bank and gets a

$25, 000 personal loan over 7 years, he is charged at 12% per annum.

John however has two defaults with an old phone bill and one from a credit card. He is charged 48% for a personal loan over 7 years.

The difference is as follows:

Malouf Group Enterprises has helped many Australians get their credit file back in shape, resulting in a credit repaired lifestyle. We believe everyone deserves a second chance. Getting that new boat/car/ holiday you have wanted for years or even saving thousand on interest may only be a phone call away.

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