Sep 2 2019

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What to look for on your credit report?

Credit you have currently

It’s not just people who’ve been turned down for credit that are interested in seeing their credit report. Regularly checking your credit report is an important part of managing your finances. It’s a quick and easy way to see, at a single glance, the total amount of credit you currently hold and if your payments are up-to-date. Being able to see the total amount of credit you have can help you avoid becoming over-committed without realising.

By regularly checking your credit report, you’ll soon get a sense of what’s normal and what’s not. Something unusual on your credit report could be the first sign of identity theft. This is a growing crime in the UK and stolen personal information is used to access bank accounts or fraudulently open new credit card accounts and loans. As a victim of identity theft, you could lose money and find yourself unable to take out credit, rent or buy a property.

Your credit report is made up of information collected from different lenders. If we’ve received incorrect details, these could be on your credit report. Incorrect information could affect your chances of getting credit or the best rate available. You can correct details on your credit file by contacting our customer care team once you have checked your credit report.

People you no longer want to be associated with

Your credit worthiness is influenced by people with whom you have a financial link – e.g. a joint mortgage or a joint utility bill from a shared house. If the person you are linked to has a poor credit history it may affect your chances of getting credit. If you no longer have any financial connection with someone you are linked to on your report, you can ask to be disassociated from them. This will ensure that lenders only see information about you and not any third party you are no longer associated with.

Obviously, County Court Judgments (CCJs) and insolvencies will influence your chances of getting credit and you should always make sure that any such records are up to date. If your CCJ or Insolvency requires updating (i.e. if it is no longer active or is due to be removed), please let us know and then forward us your original Certification from the issuing court/supervisor and we’ll update your credit report.

To see a copy of your credit report now, click here.

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