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CRM – Property Management Software #crm, #database, #property #management #software, #sage, #landlord, #lettings, #paperless #office.



Landlord Manager for Sage is a property management CRM with a difference.

Landlord Manager offers more than just tools to manage properties. The software solution CRM includes specific databases for all your clients to ensure that you can manage your portfolio efficiently and economically. This includes contact information, personal details, photographs, reports and documents as well as bank details.

Information entered into the property database can be reused when the property is vacant. Why waste time creating marketing material (window templates, web and portal listings) when you can take the information already entered in the system. The quicker you are able to advertise you vacancies the sooner you can collect your rent.

Office Diary

The office diary. which links with Outlook is included to arrange meetings, organise time and plan ahead. Alerts can be created for expirations, deadlines and reminders whilst communication can be made quicker with mail merge tools for letters, e-mails and SMS text messages. Time is saved when you streamline the way that you communicate.

Working for you

Landlords and letting agents work in different ways and what you want from the system might not be what another company would do. Flexibility in the software allows users to define the fields to suit their needs. This will ensure that the system can monitor your business in a way that suits you.

Store unlimited notes

Whether your portfolio is small or extensive it is hard to remember every conversation and agreement. Thankfully the CRM allows users to log an unlimited about notes which can be attached to the specific record in the system. These can be tagged and grouped together, depending on their category.

Property Management Software driven by Sage

The true 2-way to integration with Sage. is unique to Visionbase Software Ltd. This feature offers landlords and letting agents their financial data in a format recognised by over 90% of accountants. Bank details for all clients can be recorded in the system making to easier to process and collect payments which will automatically be updated in Sage.

Work where you want, when you want

Landlord Manager for Sage is a high-powered desktop solution however in can be hosted in the cloud. This allows users to log in to the system via a remote desktop connection and Wi-Fi access, bringing flexibility to your working day. Use your time more efficiently when you can work during your commute or out on site during a viewing or a meeting.

The better you use your time the more opportunities you have to increase revenue.

See how Landlord Manager for Sage can work for you.

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