Dec 1 2019

ELMORE – Elderly Mortgage Assistance Program – Florida Hardest Hit Fund, mortgage assistance.

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Thank you for using the official Florida Elderly Mortgage Assistance (ELMORE) Program Website!

The federal government has allocated funding to assist senior homeowners with a reverse mortgage remain in their homes by providing eligible borrowers up to $50,000 to bring their property taxes, homeowner s insurance, flood insurance and/or homeowners/condo association dues (property charges) current, to the extent that these property charges have been paid on behalf of the senior homeowner by the servicer of their reverse mortgage. The senior homeowner may also be eligible to have up to 12 months of future property charges paid on their behalf, as well. The program is available in all 67 counties in the State.

Click here to download the ELMORE Frequently Asked Questions document, which contains the complete list of Florida ELMORE eligibility requirements and program benefits.

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  • Remember, the only way to apply for the Florida ELMORE program is to use the toll-free ELMORE Application and Information Line at 1-(800) 601-3534 to speak to a certified ELMORE advisor.
  • Application for the Florida ELMORE program is FREE-OF-CHARGE and you will not be asked to pay for any eligibility determination services in conjunction with applying for the Florida ELMORE program.
  • Please be advised that the entities listed below ARE NOT associated with, nor authorized to represent Florida Housing Finance Corporation (Florida Housing) and/or the Florida ELMORE program. Neither Florida Housing nor its authorized representatives will require any fees to apply for or have eligibility determined for the program.
    • Mader Law Group
    • Attorney Legal Network
    • The Law Center
    • National Loan Restructuring
    • LMPrep LLC
    • Hardship Center
    • KAT Capital Group, LLC

Also, the following agencies are no longer participating in the Florida Hardest-Hit Fund Program:

  • Re-liance Financial, Inc.
  • Second Chance Help Center, Inc.
  • All-American Foreclosure Solutions, Inc.
  • Affordable Housing Centers of America
  • Reliable Business Solutions

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