Aug 31 2017

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Gouras & Amis P.L.L.C.


Gouras & Amis P.L.L.C. practices exclusively in the area of family law. We emphasize difficult cases involving contested financial issues. child custody matters. meretricious relationships (common law marriage), and paternity (unmarried parents).

Our child custody cases include psychological issues, religious disputes, physical and sexual abuse cases, drug and alcohol issues, third party custody (grandparent custody), and interstate and international custody.

Gouras & Amis P.L.L.C. attorneys have up to twenty-five years family law litigation experience.

Testimonials about our attorneys:

Having The Gouras Law Firm represent me in my custody case was a life saver. Not my life, but my son’s life. Mark Gouras and his firm provided me with the best service, care and understanding, and a vision to help me win my case. Being a male in the State of Washington, you need a person like Mark and his firm to not only balance the playing field, but to help you understand what you can do to help yourself. My son is now with me and is safe. I would recommend Mark Gouras and the Gouras Law Firm to anyone seeking a well qualified attorney and a proven winner.

Virginia Amis helped me through what was a very difficult time through her best-of-class professionalism and legal approach. She kept the focus on the right issues and was very good about listening to what I wanted and providing a consultative approach as to how to best achieve that. Although I hope to never need her services again, there is no question I would.

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