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Fashion Bug Credit Card Review: Should You Avoid It? #get #free #credit #score #online


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Fashion Bug Credit Card Review

by CreditCardGuru

Is a Fashion Bug credit card account a bad idea?

Fashion Bug can be a great place to get a deal on plus size and misses clothing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean their credit card is also deal. Whether you are a current cardholder or are wondering if you should apply for a Fashion Bug credit card, make sure you understand the pros and cons.

There are two different credit cards offer:

Fashion Bug card (regular)

  • For each $100 spent the cardholder receives a $5 rebate certificate that can be put towards a future purchase
  • It also gives coupons and “VIP card benefits”

Fashion Bug card (premier)

  • The “Premier” version charges an annual membership fee of $25.
  • Instead of giving a $5 rebate per $100 spent, it gives a $10 rebate (max of $300 in rebates annually).
  • This credit card comes with a few extra perks, such as birthday savings, special sales, etc.
  • It comes with a $10 coupon when the card is first received.

What are the pros and cons of each?

First, let’s take a look at the cons…

  • Can only be used at their stores – A major drawback for both of the Fashion Bug cards is that they can only be used at Fashion Bug and their affiliated stores.
  • Very higher interest rate – At 24.99% this makes their cards a bad idea unless you pay your bill in full every single month.
  • Customer service – According to various Fashion Bug credit card reviews I have read online, the customer service leaves much to be desired. Many purported customers ranked the service as only 1 star out of 5 on one website I was reading.

Now for the pros…

  • Rewards – Essentially you are getting 5% with the regular card and 10% with the paid version. This isn’t a bad deal if you spend thousands of dollars per year at their stores, but many people don’t shop their often enough to make it worth the hassle.


This is your typical run of the mill store credit card. It does offer good rewards for spending at Fashion Bug, but do you spend enough there per year for it to make sense? After all, their prices are pretty cheap to begin with, so will your total savings each year really be that much?

The only people I would recommend the Fashion Bug credit card to are those who have really bad credit and can’t get approved for anything else – or – for those who spend thousands of dollars per year at Fashion Bug.

What is a better option?

If you have great credit, don’t settle for 5% rewards at only Fashion Bug when it’s possible for you to get 5% at every clothing store and department store! Check out these sponsored offers to see how

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