Jan 13 2018

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Credit report score free

Free Annual Credit

Did you know that your credit scores could end up saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars? A credit score is one of the most important components of a consumer s financial profile. In much the same way that a resume displays your work experience to a prospective employer, a credit report provides prospective creditors (and in some cases employers and insurers too) with a detailed picture of your credit history. And like a resume, your credit report can influence whether you will receive what you are applying for.

Credit report score free

You can obtain your free credit report from many sources but the only site which will truly show free scores is free annual credit It is the right of every American citizen to obtain a free annual credit report once a year. These reports are free of charge and do not enroll the user into any subscription service.

Inaccuracies Mixed Credit Files

Many inaccuracies on a credit report can be the result of simple human error, and are therefore are not difficult to have corrected. Of course, if you do not order your credit report, you might never know about them. Whether the inaccuracies relate to payments not credited, late payments, or data mixed in from the credit file of someone else with a name similar to yours, you will want to bring the inaccurate information to the attention of the credit bureau promptly.

Identity theft is an insidious crime, involving a thief who assumes your name to open new accounts, divert your card statements to another address, and run up all sorts of bad debt without you ever knowing about it until collectors come calling. Over time, identity theft could jeopardize your ability to obtain further credit. The best way to catch a thief who is using your name is by getting a copies of your free reports, which will show you if there are accounts listed you know you have not opened. For example, if a thief has intercepted a pre-approved credit card offer in your name and sent it in with a change of address, your credit report will include the account. Your free annual credit report com is available by clicking on the link below.

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If you are shopping around for a loan or more credit, you should know that when creditors check your credit, it places an inquiry on your credit report. Inquiries can add up, which is often interpreted as a negative by creditors. For this reason, too many inquiries can actually make getting credit more difficult. Moreover, if you did not authorize someone to look at your credit report and they did, they may have broken the law. It is easy to get your free annual credit report com by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page.

Though consumers are protected financially from this abuse, other creditors may take note of all this activity and decide to raise your interest rates or refuse to grant you a loan. Reviewing your reports will help you catch new activity on accounts that you have not been using, or may have closed or sent to consumerinfo.

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Credit report score free

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