Oct 24 2016

Free Business Credit Report at Free Credit Report Online #credit #keeper

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Free Business Credit Report

Simple Tips To Get Your Credit Reports Without Any Cost

By Terro White. A how to tutorial about Credit Report, Free Credit Report, Credit Check, Business with step by step guide from Terro White.

There is a misconception regarding credit reports that they are viewed by lenders only when they request for a credit card or loan. Three bureaus-Equifax, TransUnion and Experian are responsible to issue your reports and there are various purposes for which these reports are quite essential.


Many landlords carefully go through credit reports before giving rent to their home. It is because they want to keep themselves away from the renters who unable to pay their rent on time.


A good credit history is considered a sign of professional and personal responsibility. Employers, especially financial firms like to see employees free credit report to evaluate their financial condition. If an employee of a financial firm has not good credit history, how he/she can efficiently teach customers about the value of good credit history.

Auto Insurance

Many auto insurance companies love to give an auto loan to persons who have good credit history. They believe people who pay their bills at right time are less likely to take driving-related risks.

Internet, Cable Connection, Utilities and Cell Phones

Unpaid internet, utility and cable bills can create problems, so companies like to see credit report before starting these services. If they find with bad credit history, companies require depositing cash to start these services. The same case is with cell phone users. If their credit history is bad, companies require cash deposit to open your cell phone service.

How to Get Free Credit Report

People with bad credit need to check their credit reports thoroughly before taking loans. It is a universal truth that people with bad credit have to give higher interest rates on their loans. But when they repair their reports, they become eligible to get lower interest rates on their loans. Now, the question is how to get a free credit report. A report usually costs $5-$10 but there are options to help you get them without any cost. There is a website created by the major credit bureaus which allow consumers to request a free copy once every 12 months. You simply need to visit the site and to fill a simple form.

The first step is to select your state and click the Request Report button. The site will open a form that requires your full name, birth day, social security number and the residency history where you are living for the past 2 years. Once you fill the form, click the continue button and select all the three bureaus to receive a free report from each.

To verify your identity, the site will ask your series of questions. Make sure you are requesting your credit reports from your personal computer. It can be risky to request your report from a caf. There is a social security number and it can be hacked. Your credit report is your key to easily get loans, credit card, insurance, renting and many other essential things. Being responsible person, you try to go through your credit reports.

Do you have more questions related to a credit report. The site can help you as it is dedicated to provide free guide to repair your credit score, debt consolidation and how to get free credit reports.

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