Oct 24 2016

Free Credit Reports – Check Your Credit Score Online For Free #credit #card #ratings

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Credit Reports

Check Your Credit Score Now – Free!

FREE 3-in-1 Credit Report and Triple Credit Score

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What’s in your credit report?

Many people have never seen their report, but it pays to know what lenders are saying about you, for the contents of your credit report are what the credit bureaus use to calculate your credit score. As you are probably aware, your credit score is what lenders, insurance companies, landlords, and potential and present employers will want to see in order to see how creditworthy you are. If you haven’t seen your credit report lately, you can get a free credit report from each credit bureau – Equifax, Transunion, and Experian – once a year. You must pay a fee to find out your credit score, unfortunately. Equifax has the FICO score that is most used by lenders.

Once you have had the time to look over your credit report, you might decide that you need to find a way to improve credit score. This can be done in several ways. If you see any mistakes on your credit report, make sure that you contact the credit bureau to have them corrected. This can take as long as three months, so make sure you allow ample time for the corrections to be made before applying for a loan or credit.

You can improve credit report by making sure that your bills are paid on time. No late or missed payments will help to keep your credit score in fine shape, which is especially important in the 90 day period before you apply for a loan. Planning ahead can help you to get that loan! Get rid of some of your credit card debt. One thing that can affect your credit report is how much debt you are carrying on your cards, and how close to the credit limit you are on each card. Any good credit repair company will tell you that it is best to keep your total balance on each card below one fourth of your credit limit.

A credit score of 700 is thought to be pretty good, all things considered. A credit score of 800 or more is considered to be almost perfect, and you can easily get a loan or credit card with this score. If your credit score is below 700 though, you are in dire need of some credit repair. Each of the three big credit bureaus will give you a different score, varying perhaps by a few numbers. The reason for this is that not all lenders will report to all three of the credit bureaus. Make sure you are aware of what is contained in your credit report. Not only is it easier to get a loan with a good credit score, but you will also get a much better interest rate.

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