May 6 2018

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Bealls credit card

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    How to Make a Payment to a Gap Credit Card

    Bealls credit cardHaving been around since the late sixties, Gap clothing has become an icon in the American fashion industry. Though they don t often break the mold, what they do offer is incredibly well made and durable lines of casual clothing that millions of people around the United States have become accustomed to. Particularly popular among their shoppers, Gap s jeans are often heralded as some of the best available, especially for their low price point in comparison to other jeans manufacturers that offer a similar quality.

    Other beloved items from Gap include their t-shirt and sweats product lines. Around nearly every turn in malls around the country, you will find a handful of people wearing Gap labeled clothing, which stands as a strong testament to the value that customers place on the brand s goods.

    To make shopping at their stores a little more manageable (we know, it s easy to go a little overboard sometimes), they offer a Gap Credit Card to make purchases and pay off at a later date. These credit cards can also be used to make purchases at as well as the brand s subsidiaries (like Old Navy, Athleta and Banana Republic). If you re a cardholder for one of these store cards, you have a few choices available to you for payments. Find your preferred method below and follow the instructions printed:

    Payments Over the Phone

    To pay your Gap Credit Card by phone, dial (800) 427-7895 and follow the instructions for phone payments. After submitting your payment information, you should receive a confirmation number that you should write down. After you receive the number, you may hang up at any time.

    Before considering a phone payment, however, you should take into account that they may charge you a $10 processing fee, which is not incurred when paying by mail or online.

    Payments Through the Mail

    To send your payment via mail, make your check out to Gap and address your envelope to:

    Bealls credit card

    Ensure that your Gap Credit Card account number is written on the check before mailing your payment out.

    Payments Online

    1. Using whichever internet browser you prefer, visit the Credit Card Payment page and click the orange Have a card? button

    Bealls credit card

    1. On the login page, enter your user ID and check Remember me box to have the site save your login information. Click Login and enter your password when asked

    Bealls credit card

    1. Once logged in, click the make a payment link
    2. Enter your checking account information in the fields provided. You cannot make a payment with another credit card nor can you use a Gap gift card to pay your balance. Submit your payment once you have verified your checking information is correct
    3. You will receive a payment confirmation number. Write it down for your records and feel free to leave the site when you are complete

    Stay up to date with your Gap Credit Card payments using any of these methods and keep your credit in good standing.

    Bealls credit cardBealls credit cardBealls credit cardBealls credit cardBealls credit cardBealls credit cardBealls credit card

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