Sep 1 2019

High Risk Merchant Account – Bad Credit Card Processing #how #do #i #obtain #a #free #credit #report

#high risk credit cards

STAY CONNECTED provides businesses with a high risk merchant account for high-volume industries, high-risk industries, owners with poor or bad credit, offshore or international needs, and many other circumstances that limit a company s ability to perform credit card processing. When it comes to deciding on a high risk merchant account provider there are dozens of companies to choose from but many of these require a merchant to pay high set-up fees or jump through hoops to begin offering credit card processing to customers. It doesn t have to be a complicated process.

Our high risk merchant account processing services will allow you to accept credit cards and payment within 48 hours of your application and approval. We support many payment gateway options and fees are low even if you suffer from bad credit or have been turned away by banks or other merchant account providers in the past. In today s economy, it is critical for merchants to offer convenient payment solutions in order to stay competitive in the market. Customers not only prefer to pay with plastic, studies show consumers ultimately spend more money when credit card processing is an option. No business owner should feel as if merchant processing is out of reach. Regardless of credit history or current credit score, there are payment options to help any merchant succeed even those considered high risk .

If you have struggled to find a processor to work with you or your business in the past, it is time to speak with the experts at With over a decade of experience, we recognize that even businesses in unconventional industries deserve an opportunity for long-term growth. Sign up today to get started with your high risk merchant account.

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