Sep 1 2019

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Credit Card Processing Explained


Host Merchant Services  is able to guarantee its customers savings and the lowest rates possible. By understanding how credit card processing  works, where the money gets made off of the transactions themselves and where those hidden fees actually are, you can gain some valuable insight into how Host Merchant Services is able to make its guarantee. Here s a step-by-step breakdown that sheds light on where the fees from each transaction come from:

How Does Credit Card Processing Work?

The way credit card processing companies make money for themselves can sometimes be a confusing labyrinth where fees are hidden, percentages are tied to things not listed on statements and the deal you think you are getting isn t the best deal you can actually get. Host Merchant Services is dedicated to giving its merchants the lowest price guaranteed, and the company strives to maintain transparency with no hidden fees. So take a walk with us and see behind the curtain as you learn exactly where the money is being made when you swipe a customer s credit card .

Step One:  A customer visits a store.

Step Two:  Customer purchases $10 worth of merchandise.

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