Aug 7 2017

How soon can I apply for another credit card? #credit #bureau #of #canada

#how do i apply for a credit card

How soon can I apply for another credit card?

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How soon can I apply for another credit card?

I’m 25 yrs old, personal income about $45k a year, moved to the US about 1.5 yrs ago and now I’m afraid to apply for the Chase Sapphire because my credit history is 1 yr old and I have too many recent inquiries. I’ve never been late on a payment, pay all my balances in full every month, utilization ratio is about 8%.

These are the accounts I currently have:

  • Cap One Journey CL $750 (04/2011)
  • DSNB Macys CL $200 (04/2011)
  • Discover More CL $1250 (07/2011)
  • GECRB Amazon CL $1900 (12/2011)
  • Amex Zync Charge $1700 spending ability according to a rep (03/2012)
  • Chase Freedom CL $1200 (04/2012)
  • TD auto finance car loan with $8150 balance, 46 months remaining

I just got the Chase Freedom to get the 35k bonus offer earlier this month and was approved by calling their reconsideration line. What I’m trying to do is accumulate as many points as possible there and eventually use the Sapphire to transfer them into either British Airways or United.

Visa: Capital One Journey $750 (04/11) Chase Freedom $1,800 (04/12)

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