Sep 5 2017

How to Apply for a Credit Card in 4 Easy Steps #get #credit #score #for #free

#how do i apply for a credit card

How to Apply for a Credit Card with the Best Interest Rates

Credit cards are a fundamental part of most people s lives, yet for those who don t own one yet (or have tried to get one and were denied) the entire credit card application process can seem like a mystery.

Fortunately, applying for a credit card isn t complicated at all the key is preparing ahead of time to ensure you are approved.

Applying for Credit Cards in 4 Easy Steps

Applying for credit cards is pretty straightforward:

1. Check your credit and ensure there aren t any problems that could prevent you from being approved. Poor credit often results in credit card applications being rejected, or creditors offering a higher rate due to the risk.

2. Research credit card offers available, once you ve made certain your credit is in good shape, and pick the one you like best. There are cards that are student-friendly, for example, or that offer significant rewards, rebates and incentives for people who shop or travel a lot. While it s always advised

3. Verify the information needed to apply. such as your driver’s license, social security number and income information. If you’re applying online, fill out the forms as instructed and double check the accuracy of all fields before submitting. If you’re applying by mail, clearly fill out the application. You can also apply by phone.

4. Wait patiently while the credit card company reviews your records and creditworthiness. If you are approved, congratulations! If not, your rejection letter should explain why. Having poor or no credit history may mean you need to apply for a secured credit card first to build up your credit to a satisfactory level. There are plenty of credit cards out there for people with less-than-perfect credit, so if that’s you, don’t feel disheartened and try again in six months.

Written by CREDIT