Oct 9 2017

How to enable Skype Push To Talk feature #push-to-talk #skype


How to enable Skype Push To Talk feature

this article is all about enabling S kype push to talk button feature. Skype is an application that can be used for video chats and as well as for voice calls. We could also send videos and text messages. images and few more digital documents .Skype has a whooping 74 million users and still going strong.

How To Enable Skype Push To Talk?

Back in old days when there was no Whats -app,Hyke. Viber etc. we had one and only one synonym for video calls and that was Skype .

We do have many alternatives now which could do the exactly same but you know we still prefer the old school

Today I will be discussing on how can we can enablepush to talk on Skype .

Before we proceed. let just have an idea on what is push to Talk is about?
So, push to talk is feature that enables your phone or desktop into a walkie-talkie.Cool right

Now to enable Skype Push To Talk. follow the below steps :

  • Open the Skye App by clicking on the icon .Login into your account .On the top of the window we could see the Tools option. click on it and then we get an drop down menu .Select the Options from the drop down menu.

  • After we select the Options. we could see a menu on left side of the screen/window. Select the Advanced option at the bottom of the menu

  • Now we will get some sub categories under this option,click on the option Hotkeys. Once done. we will get list of option on the right side of the window with multiple options. Here at the end we can see an option as Toggle Mute(push to talk). Check the box and click on button Change selected shortcut.

Still didn t get check out this YouTube video

So guys. here now we are all set. just before you call your friend to check if this really works. do not forget to un-mute. We could see the mute button at bottom of the Skype window. if you are on mute ,un-mute it and enjoy Skype push to talk feature aka walkie talkie

I hope this helps you. please share your comments and experience below in the comment box on the Skype Push To Talk feature.

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