Sep 1 2019

How to Get a Business Credit Report #credit #repair #software

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How to Get a Business Credit Report

As a small business owner, you have a right to obtain copies of your business’s credit reports. Prospective lenders also can obtain your business credit reports to look at your business’s bill-paying capabilities.

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Go to a website like Smart Business Reports or another similar site that allows you to obtain a business credit report. Smart Business Reports is run by Experian, one of the major credit-reporting agencies.

Type the name of the business into the form on the homepage of the website. Type the city, state and zip code of the company you want to obtain a credit report for in the corresponding form.

Receive a snapshot of the report on file for your business by purchasing a BizVerify Report. This report also provides you with business registration information to you. This is an inexpensive service.

Purchase a Credit Insure Subscription Plan for business owners through Experian by clicking on the link to purchase this specific plan. This plan will give you a complete credit report on the business and provide you with updates when they become available.

Enter your credit card information to purchase the report you wish to buy. Download the business credit report and view it.

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