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How To Get A Sears Card With No Credit Check #get #all #three #credit #scores


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How To Get A Sears Card With No Credit Check

Bad credit can accumulate over time and may put a damper on the process of learning how to get a Sears card with no credit check. Sears realizes that it is important to have some type of credit in good standing for approval of larger credit when you need it. The best way to rebuild a bad credit history is to open at least one store credit card. These cards normally have astronomical interest rates to supplement the absence of a credit check. Credit checks are valued amongst merchants because they show the merchant how well the applicant pays on their debts, essentially assuring the company will not incur more debt lending money to the applicant. Learning how to get a Sears card with no credit check is a simple process.

Things you ll need:

  • Valid Social Security card
  • Valid driver s license
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of current and legal address
  1. Applying for a Sears card can take place in three convenient ways: inside of the store, on the Sears website or over the phone. Each method is as simple as the next and the application is processed the same in each method. Sears offers three different cards of which two performs a credit check and the other does not. When applying for a Sears card it is important to know which card to choose.
  2. Once you have found the method to apply for the card that works the best for you, review the type of card you want to apply for. The three different types of cards Sears offers include the Sears Card, Sears MasterCard and Sears Commercial One Card.
  3. After reviewing all of the cards, you should choose the Sears Card. This card is the one you want to apply for if to avoid the company performing a credit check on you. This card only requires the age of the applicant to meet eighteen years of age or older and must have a valid Social Security number.
  4. Fill out the application using the correct Social Security number. This ensures the person applying for the card is the legitimate person applying. The remainder of the information requested is standard: address, date of birth, signing of agreements, income and other general information.
  5. Usually, if everything checks out clean, the application reaches an approval status quickly. Once approved, the card is mailed to you within one week. However, card purchases may commence immediately if the application is completed and approved within the store. If it is declined, you will receive a letter explaining why the decision was made to decline your new Sears card application.

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