May 20 2017

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Identity Theft Protection

As many as 12 million Americans have their identity stolen each year 1. Who’s protecting your identity?

Product Overview

Identity theft occurs when someone uses your personal identifying information, without your authorization, in order to perpetrate fraud or other offenses, such as obtaining loans, services or credit. To reduce your risk and help protect yourself and your family, you need complete identity theft protection. Experian’s Identity Theft Protection product can help catch identity theft and fraud when it happens and help you regain your good name and credit.

Product features:

Identity Theft Resolution

With ProtectMyID, you’re not on your own. You’ll have the support and guidance of our Identity Theft Resolution Agents to reduce the hassle and time drain of dealing with identity theft. With one simple call, a dedicated agent will be assigned to your case so you’ll receive the guidance you need. We help you take the right steps to recover from fraud by contacting the proper authorities and assisting in the paperwork. Otherwise, you could be spending an average of 25 hours attempting to resolve identity fraud by yourself 1 .

You can trust the protection of ProtectMyID. Receive $1 Million Insurance 3 with zero deductible the minute you enroll. This means that if you become a victim of identity theft while you are a member, you may be covered for illegal electronic fund transfers, lost wages, legal defense fees and private investigator costs.


For an additional charge, ProtectMyID can also help you with your most important role – protecting your children. Child identity theft is often undetected until the first time your child applies for credit.

With ChildSecure monitoring, you’ll receive a timely Surveillance Alert if we detect credit activity in your child’s name. We’ll also help you resolve the issue in order to maintain a clean credit slate for your child later in life. Early identity monitoring can save you and your child from surprises later on in life. Requires an additional fee.

Start receiving your Experian credit report, credit monitoring, and identity theft protection benefits today.

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