Oct 1 2017

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Graduate Degree Programs for International Students

If you’re looking to earn a graduate degree designed to prepare you to make a difference in today’s global economy, look no further than Keller Graduate School of Management. An accredited leader in graduate management education for 35 years, Keller offers career-focused business programs designed to prepare you for your chosen career. Because of its diverse student population, interactive curriculum, small class sizes, and courses taught by industry practitioners, Keller is the option many students from outside the United States choose for their international graduate education.

  • Did you know? At Keller Graduate School of Management, international students pay the same tuition rate as domestic students.
  • Did you know? At Keller Graduate School of Management, international students may qualify for several scholarships.

Tools and Information to Get You Started

Experience a Lifetime of Recognition and Support

Keller has produced over 50,000 graduates. Keller alumni and University career services can help you make employment connections even after you graduate. The level of career services offered to international students/graduates varies and depends on employment opportunities permitted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and/or students’/graduates’ visas. Keller provides career-planning strategies to international students on request. A degree or credential from Keller can be your ticket to success in the ever-changing, technology-driven global marketplace.

Attend Class Anywhere in the World

At Keller you can earn your degree online, on campus or mix and match the best of both*. Should you be visiting on a student visa and traveling across the U.S. your international students’ graduate education can travel with you. Keller makes it convenient to complete your coursework and degree program to meet your personal, educational and career goals:

  • On Campus. International students can only register at the following campuses: Addison, IL; Arlington, VA; Chicago Chicago Loop, IL; Columbus, OH; Decatur, GA; Fremont, CA; New York City, NY; North Brunswick, NJ; Orlando, FL; Phoenix, AZ; Pomona, CA; San Diego, CA; Sherman Oaks, CA. Program and session start limitations vary by location.
  • Best of Both. You can start your coursework on the Internet before you even arrive in the United States. Take courses at a Keller location and complete international students’ graduate education during your visit or upon your return home.

Request more information about international students’ graduate education at Keller.

*Program availability varies by location.

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