Apr 5 2017

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We have used many other local agencies in the past, but working with Kings Credit Services has been a pleasure.

KCS has gone above and beyond to assist our office, not only working our delinquent accounts, but also being a resource we can call on to answer any of our AR Management questions.

Billing Office Administrator, Valley Surgical Specialists

CFMG Member/Fresno

Welcome to Kings Credit Services

Kings Credit Services (KCS) has over 80 years of experience in the management of past-due Accounts Receivables. This level of experience and knowledge enables us to provide a superior level of service to our clients.

Established in 1932, KCS has grown to be a leader in the Accounts Receivable Management business. Our client base includes over 700 healthcare providers, numerous retail and commercial businesses, and several city and county governments.

We provide useful advice and planning with a unique, integrated approach that can help you manage your receivables and achieve the desired cash flow goals. Understanding your needs and goals helps us tailor the process we use to accomplish your objectives.

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