Nov 30 2019

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Loan Rates Loan Terms

Loan Rates Loan Terms

The loan amount you are eligible for will vary depending on your unique situation which includes your personal eligibility and your state laws. If you are approved for a loan interest rate information will be made available for you to review BEFORE you accept the loan. A loan will NOT be issued to you unless you accept the interest rate and repayment terms.

The Truth in Lending Act requires all loan lenders to fully disclose any loan fees and interest rates that the loan borrower may incur. You are under no obligation to accept the loan if you find the loan terms unsuitable for you.

Your local state laws and regulations may be the deciding factor of the interest rates and fees of your loan. Please review your state laws if you would like to know specific interest rate and associated fee laws before applying. Payday loans are not available in some states which includes but is not limited to New York.

Interest rates will fluctuate slightly depending on the loan lender you work with. Cash advance loans generally have higher interest rates than a comparable loan from a bank. This is because cash advance loans are for higher risk borrowers with bad credit that need short term loans fast.

Bad Credit Loan Center provides a lender matching service. When you complete an application on our website your information is securely sent in real time to the loan lenders. By completing an application you consent to letting a lender review your information and contact you by telephone and/or email if they can offer you a loan. Lenders may perform credit checks at their discretion.

For specific questions about your loan please contact your lender directly. If you would like more information please review our privacy policy. faq page and tos .

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