Nov 29 2019

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Two LOFT Cards for Great Shopping

Depending on which LOFT Card you have, shoppers can earn rewards for their LOFT shopping or their everyday shopping. With the LOFT credit card, shoppers can earn five points for every dollar they spend at LOFT. Shoppers earn the same thing with the LOFT Mastercard, however LOFT Mastercard holders are allowed to earn one point for every dollar spent anywhere Mastercards are accepted. For every 2,000 points a shopper earns, they are given a $20 LOFT rewards card.

In addition to the rewards you can earn if you are a LOFT cardholder, you also have access to exclusive love LOFT card benefits. Cardholders receive benefits from the time they receive their card by receiving a 15% off discount when your card is first used. LOFT also provides cardholders with the LOFT royal treatment on their birthday. The royal treatment entitles card holders to receive $15 off an in-store purchase on their special day.

The LOFT cards sound enticing with the reward options and benefits, but these cards come with an extremely high APR of 24.99%. If you plan on carrying a balance, this rate would accrue significant fees. In addition to this, depending on which LOFT card you are approved for, you could potentially be very limited as to where you can shop with your card. The LOFT credit card can be used only to make purchases at LOFT or any of its sister stores which include LOFT outlet, Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor factory stores. If this does not sound like the card for you compare your options with other cards available here.

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