Apr 4 2017

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Your Credit History

Your profile of borrowing and repaying money is your credit history. It often contains substantial information, such as when and how much you borrowed and repaid, details about any late payments (generally when 30+ days overdue) and if you have ever gone bankrupt previously. Major lenders including credit card companies, banks, auto loan companies and mortgage companies calculate your ‘credit worthiness’ by looking at your credit history – which is essentially what they think of you as a borrower and whether or not they will give you credit. The lenders’ interest rates are also dependent upon your credit history.

Be Informed of Your Credit Report

Your credit history contains ample amounts of information. This information is summed up into a credit report, which lenders use to decide how much to lend you and at what interest rate. Your credit worthiness is indicated by a credit score or rating, which commonly accompanies your credit report. Credit reports are provided by one of three credit bureaus – TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. These credit bureaus use the FICO model to generate FICO scores between 300-900.

What Your Credit Tells LA Companies

It is critical to understand your credit history and credit worthiness. The quality of life you can sustain as a resident of LA is closely related to your credit worthiness. Cash is not going to be your sole method of payment, and when it comes to getting loans having a good credit is vital. Everything from having a credit card to qualifying for a mortgage is affected by your credit rating.

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