Sep 18 2017

Mobile Vehicle Tracking App which is Powerful – Easy-To-Use #track #your #truck


Feature Details

Matrix’s innovative features come to life with the industry leading Matrix Smartphone app that offers you a convenient solution to track and monitor your car from any place, at any time. Now, you can also monitor how your car is being driven and keep it protected with Early Warning – right from the palm of your hand.

Always know where your car is

With the best-in-class smartphone vehicle tracking app, you can view your vehicle’s location on a detailed map with pinpoint locations, view traffic information and select a street map view of your vehicle’s surroundings.

Navigate to your car’s exact location

The GPS enabled Matrix Smartphone vehicle tracking app links to your mobile phone’s navigation, allowing you to plan routes and send directions from your smartphone to your vehicle or to another vehicle tracked on your account.

Tax logbook and expense management system*

Easily log your business and private trips as well as your vehicle expenses for ultimate convenience during tax season. The tax logbook and expense management system generates automated South African Revenue Service (SARS) compliant logbooks that you can retrieve and submit for your travel claims.

Protect your car with Early Warning

Enable Early Warning from your smartphone and receive alerts if your vehicle is moved or your battery is tampered with while you are on-the go.

Emergency roadside and medical assistance

With the latest in GPS technology, one-touch access via the Matrix smartphone app provides emergency roadside and medical assistance, including ground response teams who will be dispatched to your exact location. Matrix is always right by your side when it matters most.

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