Sep 1 2019

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Your Credit History

Your credit history starts immediately after your first borrowing of money or application for credit. When and how much money you borrowed and repaid, late payments (generally 30+days overdue) and even past bankruptcies are some types of information recorded in your credit history. Your ‘credit worthiness’ is determined from your credit history. Whether or not you get credit from major lenders (such as credit card companies, banks, auto loan companies, mortgage companies) greatly depends on your credit history. Major lenders will also set their interest rates for you accordingly.

Be Informed of Your Credit Report

Complete details of your past financial transactions are contained in your credit history, but then your credit report sums up this information. How much is lent to you and what interest rate is charged by lenders is influenced by your credit report. A credit score or rating usually comes with your credit report, which indicates your credit worthiness. TransUnion, Experian and Equifax are major credit bureaus that generate these credit reports. FICO scores between 300-900 are given to each person.

How OR Companies Think of Your Credit

Your credit may impact many of your life decisions in OR. Your credit history and credit worthiness affects many financial matters from applying for a credit to qualifying for a mortgage. Good credit is crucial for receiving loans since it lets lenders decide if you should be approved for credit or not.

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