Apr 19 2017

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Why Consider Personal Money Network?

Personal Money Network is a great resource to get the loan you need for your circumstances, whatever they might be. Sudden financial obligations happen, like unexpected bills, and those obligations need to be met. Maybe you need a few extra dollars to float you to payday, or perhaps something more substantial. Whether one needs a cash advance, payday loans or larger personal loans, Personal Money Store can accommodate those needs.

What Sets Personal Money Network Apart

The thing that makes Personal Money Network a great resource for getting a payday loan, cash advance or other short-term loan online is that we aren t a lender, but rather a matching service that connects you with multiple lenders simultaneously. Instead of filling out application after application and potentially having to drive from place to place you fill out one application. The network of direct lenders that partner with Personal Money Network all get the chance to review your application and offer you a loan, meaning it s more likely to get an offer that fits your specific needs and all from the comfort of your own home via mobile, desktop, laptop or tablet.

How Does It Work?

You simply fill out an application for the payday loan or other short term loan product that fits your needs and you submit it. The application itself only takes a few minutes to fill out. Within a few minutes of submitting the application, you ll get the approval decision and, if approved, a loan offer from the lenders in our network. From there, you ll be redirected to the approving lender s website to review the loan offer and the terms of the loan, and choose whether to accept or not.

Reasons To Choose Payday Loans

Any credit product, including payday loans, has its own unique characteristics. However, some of the positives of payday loans and other types of short term loans are the repayment period is shorter, and the time between application and funding is much shorter than the time it takes to get a bank loan.

Interest And Fees

The interest rates and fees for a cash advance loan or payday loan are often reported to be astronomical. They aren t. Fees on payday loans often are a flat fee per $100 lent, often as low as $15 per $100. When expressed as annualized percentage rates, they can seem outlandish, but let s give that some different context:

Average Annual Percentage Rates (APR)В of Common Financial Situations by the $100

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