Nov 10 2017

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Business Credit Card

Unleash the potential of your sales team and workforce — as you gain financial flexibility, security and spending control

The Silicon Valley Bank business credit card provides your company with flexible payment options worldwide, spending controls, and seamless integration with your back office that helps you understand your spending, lower costs and streamline operations. Free your sales force to manage its business and travel expenses globally, with enhanced worldwide acceptance, convenience and security. Automate payments for rent or cell phones, and more effectively handle purchase of equipment and supplies. Benefit from financing flexibility. The SVB Business MasterCard® program enables innovative, customized solutions to your company’s payment needs, at any level of sophistication.

  • Ideal for companies with multiple cardholders and need for custom controls
  • Flexible financing solutions
  • Advanced expense tracking and management
  • Rewards and merchant rebates

Flexibility and Freedom Worldwide

  • Make payments securely at millions of locations worldwide, with the new EMV-standard microchip-enabled card.
  • Manage accounts online. and receive key account and fraud alerts online and on mobile devices.
  • Enjoy tap-and-go convenience with MasterCard PayPass ™ contactless payment, at participating businesses .

More Financial Insight, Control and Protection

  • Better organize, consolidate, analyze, and manage your payment data — anytime, anywhere — with MasterCard smartdata.gen2 ™, an advanced, Web-based reporting system that integrates with card programs and your accounting systems for smarter tracking and analysis of spending.
  • Set vendor restrictions and spending limits, customized to individual cardholders, to control spending.
  • Streamline your operations through optimally timed payments and expedited delivery of goods.
  • Protect against theft and fraud through security controls, zero liability policies and other benefits.

Rewards, Rebates and Savings

Control costs by earning rewards points for eligible purchases, that can be redeemed for anything from travel, to merchandise and services. You also can earn automatic rebates from card use at participating merchants through MasterCard Easy Savings ™. Browse for purchasing and travel savings on the Silicon Valley Bank MasterCard Business Network.

Expert Support

SVB’s knowledgeable advisors understand your needs, and can help identify strategies and tools to optimize cash flow, manage risk, and integrate solutions. Our exemplary client service ensures you and your cardholders have the support you need, wherever you do business in the world.

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