Feb 12 2018

SQA Credit Rating Service – credit rating of qualifications and learning programmes, credit rating.#Credit #rating

SQA Credit Rating Service

Credit rating

For qualifications or learning programmes to be included in the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF), they must have their SCQF credit rating and level formally confirmed. SQA is a recognised Credit Rating Body for this purpose.

Your organisation can now apply to SQA Credit Rating Service to have your qualifications and learning programmes credit rated.

What is the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF)?

The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) is designed to help both employers and learners understand and compare the range of qualifications and how they relate to each other.

How can SCQF credit rating benefit your organisation?

The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework can help you as an employer to:

  • Understand the range of qualifications in Scotland and how they compare to each other;
  • Gain recognition for your own in-house training programmes, helping to raise the profile of your organisation and attract employees with the skills you need;
  • Help you to write effective person specifications when recruiting;
  • Recognise what further skills your employees might need and plan for this effectively.

Understanding qualificationsthe SCQF includes all mainstream qualifications in Scotland so you can better understand how they relate to each other. Take a look at the Framework diagram for a quick reference guide to qualifications in Scotland. This can help you when assessing applications for employment or when considering development for your staff.

Gaining recognition: by having your learning programmes credit rated onto the SCQF you can give staff national recognition for their achievements when undertaking in-house training. Many have found this can be beneficial in terms of building the profile of an organisation or business in addition to showing that the efforts of staff are valued by the organisation.

Effective recruitment and workforce development: have a look at our ‘How To…’ guides for employers which will guide you through the process of using the SCQF in advertising vacancies, recruiting and develop staff. Our Employer Levelling Tool translates the meaning of the SCQF levels for the workplace and is used alongside the guides.

What makes my organisation eligible to apply for SCQF credit rating?

Credit rating is open to all organisations who have developed their own learning programmes and qualifications and who would like to see the qualifications or learning programmes included in the SCQF.

To apply for SCQF credit rating, your qualifications or learning programmes must meet these four broad SCQF criteria:

  • The qualifications or learning programmes must be based on learning outcomes.
  • The outcomes must be formally assessed, and the results must be recorded.
  • There must be a documented process of internal and external quality assurance.
  • The learning in the qualifications/learning programmes must have, as a minimum, a notional 10 hours of learning time for the average candidate

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